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Domain Protection PacksBe Proactive, Not Reactive!

Domain Protection Packs

Our Domain Protection Packs offer an easy one stop worldwide registration and protection of your Intellectual Property.

If you require somewhere not covered by one of our protection packs just let us know and consider it done.

The Essential Protection Pack

This is our recommended pack of names, specific locations where your name is vulnerable to abuse. This isn't everywhere but major economies & popular domains. Select The Extra Protection Pack if smaller economies are required.

86 extensions including ...

.ae (United Arab Emirates),امارات. (United Arab Emirates), (Argentina),.asia (Asia),.at (Austria),
and more ...

The Essential Protection Pack Details.

The Extra Protection Pack

This pack should be used along side our Essential Protection Pack (Standard). Together they offer almost total piece of mind. This is a list of the smaller economies and more difficult jurisdictions where abuse is likely.

95 extensions including ...

.af (Afghanistan), (Afghanistan),.ag (Antigua & Barbuda), (Antigua & Barbuda),.ai (Anguilla),
and more ...

The Extra Protection Pack Details.

Other packs available on request are.

European Protection Pack, The African Pack, Americas Pack, Asian Pack, Caribbean Pack, European Pack, Oceania Pack.

Email for details.


We currently offer advice and assistance if you wish to protect your trademark in any jurisdiction.


Intellectual Property Institute of Canada offers a searchable list of Canadian trademark agents.

United Kingdom

The Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys. The Institute offers a searchable database of UK trademark attorneys in your area.

United States of America

Randolph Law LLC / Christopher Shiplett: Chris is a trademark and intellectual property attorney in Arlington, Virginia. He helps clients protect and defend their intellectual property, including their brand names, their copyrighted work product, and clients' online business, websites and domain names. Before practicing law, Chris was a database administrator and developer, and a web application designer. Chris has helped more than 400 clients register their trademarks in the United States. Email Randolph Law for US Trademark advice.

Email for Trade Mark details.

International Company Formations also available.

In many countries, the rules and regulations of that countries domain registry mean that domain names can only be registered by a local company.

Whether you need a company to meet those requirements, or perhaps even wish to trade in those countries, you may need to register a local company. Not only can we register the domain but we can arrange for the company formation as well.

Company formations can be provided in: Ireland, United Kingdom, Poland, USA (any state), Australia, New Zealand and many others besides.

Email for International Company Formation details.