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Important: When entering your search string don't write “www” or the Panamanian domain type, ie. “”. Therefore to search “” enter “bb-online” and nothing else.

The only letters allowed within a domain name are: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z - 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Spaces are NOT ALLOWED. Registration:

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Once the domain is registered

All Panamanian domain names registered with us are stored on our international server. Domains registered with us are automatically provided with their own under-construction page - this notifies potential registrants that the name has been acquired and is now registered. The under-construction page is offered free of charge and may be used indefinitely.

It is possible for Web and/or Mail forwarding to be provided for Panamanian domains.

Domain transfer/release fees are charged are by a majority of registrars, but BB Online make no charge to transfer a domain to another Panamanian domain name registrar.


Fairly popular in Panama

The Panama registry ("NIC-Panama") state that a .pa domain name must have two name servers, and each name server must be on geographically separate networks. They also state that they will not register a domain name under .pa unless both names servers are configured for the proposed domain name. If you have a company you use for email or web hosting services, you need to ask them to set their DNS name servers up for the proposed new .pa domain name. If you don't have a preferred hosting company, you can use our name servers and we will configure them to support the domain name(s) you want to register.

If you have a company you use for email or web hosting, their name servers need to meet this requirement (which is a common demand amongst the various ccTLD's). If their name servers don't meet this need, our name server do and we can use those, they can also be configured so the "MX" records direct email for the domain name to your hosting companies' mail servers, and the main "A" record points to their web server. If you run your own mail or web server, we can point our name servers at those instead, or you can use your own name servers as long as they are on geographically separate networks.

If you are a government department in Panama and you want to register a domain name under, then the name servers which support this domain name must be physically located in Panama.

A domain registered under .pa must not exceed 63 characters (including the relevant sub-domain and country code), the minimum number of characters is 3, although 5 is recommended by the registry.

The registry also reserve the registration of geographical place names in Panama for bodies which represent those places. This rule also applies to the names of countries, and the six official names of the United Nations.

Each domain name typically has four contacts, the registrant (the legal owner), the administrative contact (who can sanction changes in the domains day to day management), the billing contact (who receives invoices) and the technical contact (who handles technical queries for the domain name). The Panama registry state that the technical contact for a .pa domain name must be different to the administrative or billing contact, to satisfy this requirement, we can act as the technical contact (as registrars for the domain name).

You can not register directly under ".pa", instead the .pa domain has several sub-domains you can register under (if you meet the relevant requirements). These are:

Some of these sub-domains are restricted, for instance, to register under you need to prove you are an Internet Service Provider, or a closely related organisation. If you are from outside of Panama, the registry require documentation to prove you are an ISP, and so qualify for a, this is what the Panama registry state you must provide:

A copy of the concession that certifies you as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), emitted by the organization in charge in your respective country domain names are reserved for government departments in Panama, domain names are reserved for Universities in Panama, domain names are reserved for colleges and schools.

If you are interested in registering under,, or any of the other sub-domains available, let us know and we will find out what documentation is required and the relevant restrictions based upon the country you are in.

The Panama registry state that:

it is the exclusive responsibility of the applicant to make sure that he is not violating the rights of any registered tradename, reserved right, reserve of names or any reference to intellectual property.

The registry also state:

The applicant declares and guarantees that to its loyal knowledge and understanding, the registry and use, direct and indirect, of the domain name does not violate any legislation or existing regulation


Important Note:
Some domain names may be classified by the registry as a premium domain name and will command a higher price. If you request a premium domain name we will contact you before completing your order.

In addition, the registry may at any time reserve domain names from registration or the sale may be restricted to comply with ICANN requirements.

.pa is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Panama.

Since "PA" is also the postal code for the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, it has had occasional use under that meaning, but this has not become widespread.

This article is written like a personal reflection or essay and may require cleanup. Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style. (February 2008) The requirement by the registry for two name servers that are geographically separaed is a traditional Internet practice designed to ensure redundancy in case one network is down or unreachable at a given time. However, few domain registries impose this as an actual requirement, and it is common in most TLDs to have all name servers be in the network of the hosting provider for the domain. Some people currently question the need for geographically redundan name service for domains which are (as most are at present) virtually hosted and used exclusively to point at Web sites and e-mail addresses within a single network, usually the same one that hosts its name servers, so that if the entire network is down the site would be down anyway.

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